Lacy Confection

After a stressful week of "What can I do to solve your problem?", I decided I needed to do something for myself.  Yes, I know that's selfish but it's amazing what a pick-me-up a little creativity and a lot of lace can do.

My creamy lacy confection of a purse (ok, it's probably big enough to haul a baby in) is the final product.
I have had this ticking stripe forever but it was so pretty I couldn't cut into it.  This was the perfect project.  I think it is a perfect balance for all the lace and the floral lining.

The bottom most layer is a vintage lace fabric.  It reminds me of the lace on my 1990 wedding dress.

The second, most prominent layer is an antique french lace from the lace ruffled drapes that I detailed last week.  I really love that stuff and still can't believe my great fortune.

The top ruffle is a one inch wide Irish lace.

The bag has three inner pockets, one with buttons, and a flap and button to close it.  The lining is the same floral that I used for the lace eReader cover.

The main set of handles is a bamboo set I bought a few years ago.  There is also a set of long straps for when I need to throw it over my shoulder.  Both handles can nest inside the bag when I don't need them.
It is 13" tall, 15" wide, and 5" deep.  It holds my current crazy quilting block and various other things that we women must have.
I am planning to make some smaller purses for my etsy store soon, so keep an eye out.  In the meantime, please visit the store as I am adding vintage and antique lace to the menu.


Lace, Lace, Lace!!

eReader cover for sale on Etsy
Tiny snips of lace...lace doilies...lace tablecloths...lace ruffles...yards and yards of lace.  How could anyone not love lace???  Especially the antique and vintage finds.  I love the warm colors of antique lace:  ecru, eggshell, tan.  I can sit and stare at old lace all day and marvel at the patience that went into it.  Then, of course, you wonder what a snippet was used to embellish.  Was that medallion leftover from a wedding dress?  Did that ruffle once garnish a little girl's pinafore?  The hours, the dreams, the visions!
I have been through many love affairs with lace.  I can recall what was probably polyester lace around the yellow organza lampshade I had as a little girl.  Then there was the lace on my Gunne Sax style Easter dress (I can remember going shopping for that dress because I loved it so much!)  Scrimping and saving to order a white Battenburg lace comforter set after I married.  Then my husband laid a newly cleaned and oiled gun on the comforter.  Yes, we are still married and no, the stain never did come out.  I made a duvet cover with a fabric covered in violets to stuff the comforter into.  I am a generally very patient person.
These days I invest in antique and vintage lace.  As I learn more about it, I find myself being much more finicky than I used to be.  I can't say that I have a favorite type because they all interest me, from the heavier tape varieties to the delicate bobbin lace.   Even the ones that need extra TLC are welcome in my home because it can be a challenge to bring them back to life.  
Lace still attached to the curtain fabric that I had removed for laundering the lace.

Last weekend I helped a friend with an estate sale she was managing.  As I was pricing the linens (smart girl, that Lisa!) I uncovered a set of drapes dripping in lace.  Nine inches deep, and two and a half yards of lace gathered onto a curtain comes out at a bit over nine yards when removed.
Examples of 3 of the lace fragments

Close-up of one lace
Yes, I have 18 yards of vintage lace.  There are about six different vintage laces that were sewn together and attached to these curtains, probably in the late 80s/early 90s.  I remember those decades, and I do not recall this being the "in" thing.  But I am so glad this woman had it done!  I'm still flying high about my find. 
The baby bonnet from the side and back.

At the same time, I found a lace baby bonnet and a gallon size bag of upholstery remnants that will surely find themselves in a crazy quilt.  All of this for helping a friend.  I realize that there will not always be finds like this, but I can't wait to help her again!

As a bonus, there was this piece of lace on a remnant of bed skirt.  It is luxuriously soft and reminds me of the skirt of my wedding dress in 1990, so I am dating it then.  Not old, but a large piece and it will be really nice to work with.


Crazy Kindle Cover

My mother is permanently attached to her Kindle like my kids are to their cell phones.  So what do you give the woman who has everything for her birthday (especially since the last gift was an Amazon card)?  A crazy quilted Kindle cover!
I researched a few tutorials online and came up with my own design for this thing.
There is a pocket for the Kindle when not in use:

And corners to hold it while you read:

Elastic keeps it all together when in "storage mode."  The elastic I used is not beautiful, but by that point I was ready to pull my hair out and elected to just make do.
I tatted the orange and turquoise laces.  The whole thing is made from quilting cotton so it will wear better than something made from satin, silk, and other fancies.   The colors are much brighter than what I usually use for anything, but are perfect for my mom.
Close-up of lace and silk ribbon roses
I am planning on making a pattern for this cover in general, but leaving the embellishment ideas up to the seamstress.  I will probably also make a few for my Etsy store. 
I've never wanted a Kindle because I love to hold a book in my hand.  I might be tempted to change my mind, though, if I had a cool cover!
The whole thing when laid flat (the butterfly is a pin-no I didn't make it).

Updated 6/13:  See Etsy for the Vintage Lace eReader Cover I have for sale & check back soon for a pattern!