My Favorite Mesquite Tools

Today I thought I would share my favorite mesquite tools.  On the left is my new seam ripper.  It has a large ripper on one end and a small on the other.  Both pop off and slip inside to protect the ripper and your hand when it's not needed.  When both ends are inside, it kind of reminds me of an ear of corn with the little holders stuck into the ends.  I got this at the local market day downtown.

In the middle is a wooden iron given to me by my friend Shirley and made by her husband.  I've never had or used one before, but now I'm hooked!  It's super convenient by the sewing machine because I hate getting up to use the regular iron every few seams when I'm paper piecing.  I have a mini electric iron, but I've found that the wooden one is so much better!  Thanks again, Shirley.

The cigar-looking thing on the right holds my long tatting needles and a couple of tiny crochet hooks.  My dad made it for me a few years ago.  The needles come in a clear plastic tube, but why use plastic when you can have something that looks much cooler?  My folks specialize in custom mesquite furniture, pens, etc.  They recycle the coolest stuff into furniture, like cast iron stove bases into coffee tables, etc.  They also turn old bowling balls into pens.  Check out their website at http://www.mostlymesquite.com/

Mesquite is native to South Texas and is the bane of many farmers and ranchers, but it is a hard wood with a beautiful red hue.  Because it grows with lots of bends, it's hard to find a straight piece longer than around 3'.  It has superb grain lines and the occasional interesting void.  Mesquite...it's not just for barbeque.

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