Drum Roll, Please!

I entered my crazy quilt in the Victoria (Texas) quilt show this last weekend.  It is non-judged show, but does have Viewer's Choice.
And I got first place in the Wall Hanging (smaller quilts) division!!!  I still can't believe it because I never win anything.  It is so gratifying that my fellow quilters appreciate the work that went in to this quilt.  Especially since my heart (and inspiration!) is truly in this labor of love.  I wasn't able to attend the show this year because of commitments here in town with my children and I really missed it.  I have seen a few pictures and the quilts were beautiful.  Hopefully next year I will be able to go.

And here is block #3 for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project. 
The picture is my grandparents, dad, and aunt.  The frame is wool felt with the outer edges pinked with my awesome pinking machine.  The surface work I just made up as I sewed.  I think it looks very sweet.  The laces are all from my stash of vintage stuff, except for the floral motif that is new and tea dyed.

The tricycle I drew on freehand with an air soluble marker.  I think it turned out cute.The green seam to the right still needs some work, though.
The lamp is a copy of the antique lamp in my living room that belonged to my husband's grandmother.  
Last but not least, the Virgin Mary.  She is framed with gathered gold ribbon.  I was trying to make it look like an ornate, heavy old frame.  I think that worked rather well.  I originally had some silk ribbon embroidery in this spot, but I really didn't like it. 



Day of the Dead Crazy Blocks

Did I say I was going to post weekly?  I always jinx myself.  We are having major internet issues at home, so blogging just hasn't happened.
My cousin requested that I make four 12" crazy blocks using a Dia de los Muertos theme.  No time limit (this is a good thing) and she brought her big ol' tub of fabrics to use.  Well, the tub sat around in my studio for a few months and I finally got tired of trailing  around it, so last week I broke down and made the blocks.  I don't know when I will get around to embroidering them, but at least the tub is gone.  I do try to straighten up occasionally, but it's pretty much a lost cause because my husband also stores coolers, camping stuff, chairs, and other junk in there.  By store I mean the door is opened and things thrown in. 
So, here are the blocks:

The fabrics are a lot wilder than what I normally use, so I think I will do the seam work in basic white.  I may add a few colors here and there, but the white should be obvious.  The tonal patch in the middle of each block will be reserved for a sugar skull motif.  One lace, one embroidered, etc.  I found some really cute crocheted skulls on etsy that I am thinking about.  I can't crochet and do not have the time to learn.

Do not expect to see these finished any time soon, but I will post them as I am done.  


Little of This, Little of That

This year I have been trying to post every week.  But this week I just couldn't find anything to post about.   It's already Friday and I am still at a loss, so I thought I would show off my new treasures.
First, my jet-setting friend Roxann just got back from a month in Hawaii and brought me a new book: 
Poakalani:  Hawaiian Quilts Volume I
I am as crazy about books as I am about fabric.  The history of the Hawaiian quilt in the introduction is very interesting and the block patterns are inspiring.  One of these days I will try making a block.  That is the other cool thing about this book, the blocks are designed as 18" cushions so that a beginner does not get overwhelmed.
Today I got the Kreinik Silk Mori floss that I ordered from Jewel on ebay.  Her floss is the cheapest that I've found and the customer service was awesome.  It says that your order may take two weeks or so, but I received mine in 8 days, and I live in the middle of nowhere. 
This is what I'll be playing with during spring break (I don't think I will be getting all of those little jobs around the house done this week!):