Updates & Fixes

You will probably recognize these two blocks from the last few weeks.  I think I have fixed the problem spots.
The first is my CQJP April block.  My son thought the boots and hat needed to be filled in, and he was right.  But we can just let that be our little secret.

Remember the problem with the Dia de los Muertos blocks?  It just needed more something.  I played around with lace roses and other ideas.  Then I stared at pictures of altars for Day of the Dead and decided on a candle.  This is the result:
I found a Sacred Heart picture and designed and printed a candle on printer fabric, then appliqued the glow of the flame and embroidered the flame itself.


Day of the Dead

I have finished the first of the four Dia de los Muertos blocks.  I am using white embroidery for the seam work because I think it shows up better.  There is a lot of color and pattern going on in this block as far as fabrics, so finding a balance has been difficult.  The black lace is from my stash (I think it may have been taken off of a lampshade a while back).  I am trying to stay away from white lace on this one because of all the white embroidery. 
 The maracas are my own design and satin stitched.
 The sugar skull is from Urban Threads, with my own artistic license.  I left some stuff out and used hand dyed lace daisies for the eyes.  Now it looks just right.  Each of the four blocks will have a sugar skull of some kind in the middle.

The orange skulls keep calling to me.  I dyed red lace roses, but they didn't stand out against the orange.  What do you think of white roses?  Or nothing?  Or what??  Help!!!


Fourth Block

The fourth block in the CQJP challenge is finished, kind of.  I think it still needs something, but since I'm not sure what quite yet, it will do for now.  Please ignore all of the blue lines and such.  They will come off later.  I've been under the weather (again) and didn't even think about removing the lines before I took the photographs. 

This is my husband's grandfather and aunt.  There is an adult picture of her on the finished crazy quilt.  I tatted the frame using a beautiful variegated green.  The silk ribbon I hand dyed.  I am especially proud of the gold and silver on the scissors and thimble.  They add a nice sparkle in person.  
This is one of those beautiful pieces of lace I got last month and couldn't cut into pieces.  It was kind of boring stuck in the middle of the block, so I picked out some of the motifs with silk ribbon and tatting.  I think it's simple, but still eye catching.  The seam treatment above is the buttonhole herringbone from Sharon Boggon's Pin Tangle.  I really enjoy visiting her site.
Last but not least are my hat and boots (an old Aunt Martha Transfer I had) and a little toy sailboat.  I am trying to include things that invoke "family" in each block.  So we have something religious, something for children, something for Dad, and something for Mama.  
The hat and boots were just outlines, but my son told me they needed to be filled in.  I will do the boots when I get another darker shade of brown in the mail.  I think I've mentioned that I live in the middle of no where.


Bits & Bobs...of Lace

To my shame (and glee!), I spent way too much time and money on lace in the month of March.  Let's blame it on spring fever.  Yes, that sounds like a good excuse.  And honestly, I really didn't spend much money because I love a good deal, and I'm a tad on the cheap side.  This isn't quite all as I've used some and forgot to grab the rest when I took pictures.

As a needle tatter, I love to find tatted lace, although it hurts my heart to know that someone put so much work into something and I paid so little for it.  But then I figure that at least it's going to a good home with someone who appreciates the work.  The yoke is a peachy-pink color.  I will probably remove the straps and use the base as a pillow ruffle someday.  There are also several little medallions and a short length of chain.

This is yards of a wheat motif.  Not sure what I'll do with it, but it is beautiful.  Possibly on the border of a wall hanging?

Which brings us to lots and lots of pretty motifs, collars, cuffs, scraps, etc.  Again, this is not nearly all of it.  Notice the acorn piece on the left.  It's not terribly long, but is very pretty. 

Another favorite is the flower basket.  It is not in the best of shape as some of the net is deteriorating.  I will have to use it on something that will get little use, and use it soon to stabilize it. 
A new friend who is a lace expert has looked at some of this stuff and said I have pieces from as far back as the 1880s-90s.  Apparently I did well.  But instead of quenching my thirst for lace, I've only whetted my appetite.