Lacy Confection

After a stressful week of "What can I do to solve your problem?", I decided I needed to do something for myself.  Yes, I know that's selfish but it's amazing what a pick-me-up a little creativity and a lot of lace can do.

My creamy lacy confection of a purse (ok, it's probably big enough to haul a baby in) is the final product.
I have had this ticking stripe forever but it was so pretty I couldn't cut into it.  This was the perfect project.  I think it is a perfect balance for all the lace and the floral lining.

The bottom most layer is a vintage lace fabric.  It reminds me of the lace on my 1990 wedding dress.

The second, most prominent layer is an antique french lace from the lace ruffled drapes that I detailed last week.  I really love that stuff and still can't believe my great fortune.

The top ruffle is a one inch wide Irish lace.

The bag has three inner pockets, one with buttons, and a flap and button to close it.  The lining is the same floral that I used for the lace eReader cover.

The main set of handles is a bamboo set I bought a few years ago.  There is also a set of long straps for when I need to throw it over my shoulder.  Both handles can nest inside the bag when I don't need them.
It is 13" tall, 15" wide, and 5" deep.  It holds my current crazy quilting block and various other things that we women must have.
I am planning to make some smaller purses for my etsy store soon, so keep an eye out.  In the meantime, please visit the store as I am adding vintage and antique lace to the menu.

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  1. Hi Leann! Thank you for your comment on my blog! It's so nice to meet another lace enthusiast! I just LOVE the bag you made. Plus you have an amazing collection of laces! Let's keep in touch!
    Sweet blessings, Chris