Non-quilt Accomplishment

I've had the most beautiful Aesthetic style slipper chair in my bedroom for a couple of years now.  I absolutely love the carvings, the wood, etc.  I also loved the color of the fabric (green) that almost perfectly matched the bedroom walls.  What I didn't love was the design and peachy accents in the fabric.  The colonial/Victorian/whatever look just didn't do justice to the carvings and style of the chair.  So, I waited patiently (!?!) for the perfect fabric to go on sale at Hancocks at the same time that I had some extra pocket change and was making a trip to Victoria.  It finally happened when I was at the quilt show I mentioned before. 
Last night I finally recovered the chair and it looks perfect.  The new fabric has more of an Aesthetic or William Morris look to me.  I did forget to buy trim, though.  Hopefully I can take care of that this weekend. 
What do you think of my new masterpiece?  And I know it's incredibly dusty, but it's not from my housekeeping.  It's from the old batting and the fabric I took off.

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