Bohemian Tile Runner

Brilliant!  My blog is new and I'm already behind!  It's been two weeks since I posted last, but a lot has happened in those two weeks, so I'm not going to beat myself up. 

I finished the Bohemian Tile runner.  I absolutely love the colors and fabrics!  I will be teaching a class on this design on Thursday of this week.  My patterns are also for sale, so if you see something you like on the blog, just drop me a line.  I hope my designs inspire you, but please remember to not plagiarize because that's just not nice.

The pieces are appliqued using fusible web and a straight stitch.  I've never used a straight stitch for applique, but I saw it in a book and thought it was pretty cool, since the fusible web will be holding the pieces down, too.  I don't recommend that stitch for anything that will be washed often.

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  1. it is very pretty & i like the fact you used BRIGHT colors.....