A Crazy Treasured Friend-oops! I meant a friend's crazy treasure!

This beautiful crazy quilt belongs to my new friend, Roxann.  It is about 24-30" square (I didn't measure it) and was made by her greatgrandmother in the 1920s-30s.  Katie Todd was born in 1852 and died in 1938.  The backing and border was added by Roxann's mother in 1986. 

Check out the beautifully embroidered rose and the nifty little appliqued bow.  How cool is that?  While the overall effect of the quilt is dark, many of the fabrics are very light and keep your eye moving.

I've really enjoyed seeing all of the designs Katie used for her seams.  I've been getting overwhelmed thinking that my quilt won't be "authentic", but seeing a true Victorian crazy has made me realize that I'm way too uptight over the whole thing.  No, it wasn't made in a strictly Victorian year, but who can say that Katie wasn't a true Victorian woman?
I love the scalloped looking effect of the white on black in the middle-left area.  Can't you just imagine where she might have salvaged all of these fabrics from?  That pink might have been her daughter's best dress and the green her ball gown.  The stripe looks like it could've been her walking dress. 

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