First Crazy Block is Finished!

I finally finished embroidering a block.  It feels like it took a year, but really it was only a few weeks.  Since I'm not putting a time constraint on this project, it really doesn't matter.  The next ones will probably take longer.
I'm posting a picture of the whole block and then some close-ups.  The ribbons were dyed by my son and me.  The orange and yellow medallion was also his dye job.  The tatted lace was a birthday gift from a friend that I dyed and the sea foam and ecru ribbon was a gift from another friend who visited Europe last year and brought me yards of it for my souvenir.  Apparently my friends know me well!

I am really enjoying embroidering again.  I was taught as a young child by my grandmother, but have never done much with it. 

This is my second block.  I embroidered the wreath right after I made the block because that wide open white velvet was calling to me and wouldn't leave me alone.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Then I went back to work on the first one.  Do you recognize the green fabric in the lower left corner?  That one is from the chair I recovered a while back.

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