Block #9 (I think)

As usual, I didn't accomplish nearly as much during my days off as I had planned.  It wasn't a total waste of time, though.  I did get my studio cleaned, among other things.

I also didn't work on this block while I was off and I must say my elbow and shoulder are feeling much better because of it.  But here it is now, in all it's splendor:
This is Pa & Granny on their wedding day in 1939.  The picture doesn't do justice, he had the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen.  Pa is my Bohemian link.  Granny is mostly Scottish and American Indian.  She nurtured my frugal nature.  They were married by the parish priest in his home (office?) in Houston because my grandmother was not Catholic.  I am the proud owner of her wedding dress.  It is a light blue green organza with flowers on it. 

The music is the first few bars of "Amazing Grace." Makes me cry just thinking about that song.  The doily was the last thing I added.  It was in a bag of lace that Lisa brought me last week.  I think it looks like a spider web.  I'll probably put a spider on it someday.  The lace I made the frame with is more of the stuff from Childhood Memories.
The picture is off-color, sorry, but I wanted to show off my live oak leaves and acorns.  I said a while back I wouldn't satin stitch again, but these called for it and actually went pretty quickly.  Before anyone says they don't look like oak leaves, I traced them from the leaves in the oak trees in my yard.  There are 3 acorns for my 3 kids.
Until next time!

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