Moving Right Along

Somewhere I miscounted. In my head, I mean. I'm usually pretty good at counting things physically, but my poor brain gets confused when I don't have the things in front of me. I thought that this was my 7th block, but now I find it's my eighth. Woo-hoo!! Check out the awesome lace I added. I got it from a lot of vintage lace on etsy from ChildhoodMemories. You'll be seeing more of that purchase, if I can manage to make myself cut into them. The pink and green venice laces are from my stash and more of the stuff that I dyed.

It's not quite finished, but that's ok.  I need to find some 1/8th inch white velvet ribbon to trim out the costume my daughter is wearing in the picture.  It was her Halloween ice skater costume years ago.  I had sewn fur around the neck, wrists, and waist and made her a little organza skirt.  For the block, I gathered a piece of organza ribbon for the skirt.  I also tatted the lace and corner pieces for the picture in black to emphasize the Halloween theme.
The Virgin Mary applique is a copy of a prayer card from my grandfather's affects.  Don't you love printer fabric?

The red carnation is the flower of Spain, in honor of my husband's roots.  I ripped it out twice before I finally made one I could live with. 
I have the patches sewn on the ninth block, but I'm not sure when I'll finish it.  I'm getting the pain of embroiderer's elbow (much like tennis elbow, but without the sweating) and I think I should take a break.  Next week is spring break and I've been threatened to get a paper pieced butterfly pattern together for a new class OR ELSE.

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