Floating Along

This block came along quite easily compared to some.  It took a while to finish simply because I didn't have a lot of time to devote. 
This is my aunt (okay, technically my husband's aunt).  I was the domestic daughter she never had.  She taught me to make a lot of the traditional Tex-Mex foods that my husband and kids love that her daughters weren't interested in.  We would also sit at her dining table hemming pants by hand (that part of the family is vertically challenged) and talking about sewing projects, kids, church, and whatever came up.  Those times reminded me of going with my mom as a small child to the neighbor's house where they would sit over a cup of coffee every morning.  Back when children were to be seen and not heard.  Ms. Ruby could crochet like you wouldn't believe and had many dolls that she had dressed.  I would sit and admire them after I finished my juice and the adults were still talking.  Anyway, the ribbon around the picture is a luxurious dark blue velvet that you would have to see in person and touch to appreciate.  I love the floral spray of lace at the bottom.  That piece has been auditioned on every block, but just now found the perfect home.  Ms. Ruby did not make the crocheted lace to the right, but as it is a gorgeous piece of workmanship, I can imagine it being hers.
This is another piece of a kimono grab bag that I got in the San Antonio show in September of last year.  It's a lot bigger than the pieces I usually put in the quilt, but I hated to cut it up.  It's hard to tell, but I outlined the top wings, antennae, and body in matching threads for some dimension. 
These are some little medallions I tatted forever ago when I was bored.  They make a great little take-along project for the doctor's office, waiting for the kids during practice, or when your husband is driving.  If you have never tried needle tatting, you should really try it.  At the Houston Quilt Festival several years ago, the gentleman from Handy Hands Needle Tatting showed me how in about 5 minutes.  No kidding, I had to make the bus so he had to hurry.  Barbara (the owner) is the nicest lady and helped me over the phone once when I had gotten myself confused.  Hobby Lobby also has some of her line and books, but I prefer to buy direct.  Got to support the small businesses when you can!

This is the prettiest green velvet.  I hate to cover it, but the swan scene was perfect.  A swan was the first thing I remember my mother teaching me to draw.  When my friend Laura sent me a copy of the Sublime Stitching book and I saw her swan, it inspired me to make my own. 
Note:  Never, ever, ever take cattails home to arrange in your studio.  They dry and explode tiny white dandelion-ish seeds.  You will never get them all out and will think a rat has nested in your batting.  Dad harvested some for me, thinking they would be really cool since we don't have such things where we live.  It's a sight I will never forget and will always make me laugh.

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