Lucky 13

#13 came together with relative ease.  Even though it doesn't have anything specific to my family (as far as pictures), it is interesting.  I still haven't decided if I'm stopping at 16 or going on to 20 blocks.  It's not that I find my interest waning, but I do feel like I'm ignoring other important things for this one obsession. 
Although several blocks have lace or embroidered fans, this is the only one with a fabric fan.   I wasn't sure I would like it, but the effect has grown on me.  I'm considering having each of the 4 corner blocks include some sort of similar idea.  If not a fan, then a star or something else quilt-ish.  This lace is another piece from Childhood Memories.  The rayon velvet ribbon is from LesBonRibbon, another great etsy shop, that I dyed.  I find dying the ribbons and lace to be very gratifying.
The cameo I embroidered with my embroidery machine a while back just because I love cameos, but didn't know what to do with it.  The heart around St Ann and the Virgin Mary and the purple flower to the right were hand dyed.  (St. Ann is the patron saint of seamstresses and one of my most favorite saints.)  The olive retro trim was a piece from Roxann that I must admit, I didn't care for.  But it has grown on me lately and it was perfect for this block.  I think I was just afraid to use it because it is quite bulky, but it worked well for this application.
See the brown thing in the corner?  It is actually a lace deer.  I found the pattern online and made it with the embroidery machine, too.  It might have looked better in white, but the tan was what I had in the machine at the time and I was too lazy to change it. 

Check back soon as I've made improvements to one of the other earlier blocks.

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