#11 Embellishment

I have re-embellished block eleven.  Added embellishment?  Whatever.  Before:

And after:
And after some more:

Honestly, I'm still not in love with the the block.  I added some a velvet ribbon flower and leaves that I had made for my daughter, who didn't like them.  I embroidered leaf details and couched long-haired yarn for the center.  I also wove purple silk ribbon into the green lace.

I put a dyed crocheted flower (no, I didn't make it,  I can't crochet) and couched yarn across the lace on one corner.  That still didn't look right:
So I dyed a vintage doily green and added it behind the flower:

Does anyone have any suggestions for this block?  It is sad, because the lace and satin behind the rose is from my wedding dress.  I've been saving it for 21 years to put on a crazy quilt, and it still doesn't seem right. 
I am currently working on adding to another block that wasn't quite right.

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