Revisiting An Old Friend

Oops.  It's been two weeks since I've posted and I told myself I wouldn't do that.  In my defense, I was working on a quilt for a customer.  I was so excited to finish it that I didn't take good pictures, so I probably won't post them here.
I did, however, rework block #3.  This is the before:

And this is after:

I am particularly proud of my bassoon.  Ignore the funny shadow-type marks.  Still haven't been able to get the washable ink out.  I also added another of Laura's flowers to the doily and silk ribbon flower arrangement. 
The bassoon is hand drawn and satin stitched.  The keys and mouthpiece were made with real sterling silver thread.  The keys are not accurate, but there are a lot of them on a real bassoon and the thread is hard to work with.  Call it artistic license. 
I was the odd one as a child who played something obscure.  I was always a little different.
My Trojan mascot (Go, Beeville!) was kind of traced and kind of hand drawn on the water soluble stabilizer that I used before.  This time I did not use a ballpoint pen to transfer.  There was originally a lace motif in this triangular space, but I never did like how it looked. 
The last thing I did was add a green squiggle and an orange star to the opposite side.  It was unbalanced before, but I think it is much better now.  When I sew this block to the next one, I may add some more embroidery in that corner.  Right now I'm more concerned about the blocks all fitting together.
It has just dawned on me that, except for the doily, there is no lace on the block.  How odd!

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