Another Idea for Recycled Memories

I no longer do general seamstress or tailor work for my customers, preferring to work on quilts.  But when an old customer called with an unique request, I was happy to oblige.   It seems that Heidi's niece, Rebeccah, passed away after having suffered through many health problems.  Rebeccah's mother was her constant caregiver throughout her 20 year life. 

Rebeccah had a quilt that she used all the time that was well loved and worn out.  Heidi salvaged the plates that she could from the quilt and asked that I make a tote bag and pillowcase from them that her sister could use in her travels. 
I used the blocks with the brightest colors to applique.  Heidi chose an inky blue print for the main fabric and plain muslin for the lining.
I modified the bag pattern that Heidi had purchased so that it would be large enough for the plate.  The plate is machine appliqued to both sides.  I chose not to line it with a stiffener so that it can be easily crushed and thrown into a suitcase or another bag as needed. 
The pillowcase is folded back on itself.  What you are seeing below the applique is actually the opposite end of the case when a pillow is inserted.

For the pillowcase I cut one of the plates in half and appliqued it to the cuff.  I make my pillowcases with french seams using the directions on about.com.  For this particular pillowcase I did not add the trim as suggested because it would have interfered with the applique. 
I think this is an awesome way to reuse a memory or a "cutter" quilt and I appreciate being given the chance to work on the project. Many times we are afraid to cut into something but the projects I have been blessed with lately show that more use can be made out of the things we are holding onto, stuck in a closet somewhere out of sight, if we use our imagination. 
How have you recycled a memory or cherished object for more modern use?

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