Kay's Kreation

Today I am tooting two horns!!  My friend and coworker, Kay, has been watching me work on my crazy quilt, and seeing my other projects, for over a year now.  She expressed interest in learning to embroider over the summer and we talked about how she could get started.  Now, we both tried our hand at crochet that another coworker tried to teach us last year.  That didn't go so well for either of us. 
So I bought Kay an Aunt Martha's transfer to practice with and then she got another and off she's gone!  This pillowcase is her first project:

She is going to make another matching one, possibly with the red and yellow reversed for some extra interest.  Her next project is an appliqued and embroidered shirt for her daughter.  She's picked out an adorable cat motif for that.
I am so proud of Kay for finishing the pillowcase in such a short time, and bursting with pride (ok, I teared up) that I have taught someone a skill that is quickly going by the wayside.  She really loves it and, since she's semi-retired, has time on her hands.  Kay's first love is gardening, but with our scorching summer that lasts until mid-October, you can only spend so many hours outside.  
Speaking of my crazy quilt, I am still finding new areas that really need just a touch more embellishing and I still need to make the corner blocks, but I hope to have something up here soon.

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