The Last Two Blocks

The last two blocks are finished!  Go, me!!!
The colors wouldn't come out right when I uploaded the picture.  The pink is actually a very pretty rosy pink, the check on the left is a light lilac, and the green at the top should be a nice sage.  Oh, well.  I'm a quilter, not a photographer.  I made the little lace lamb on my embroidery machine using this design from Embroidery Library.  I needle tatted the green and pink lace pieces and also made my own cording that I couched for the staff.  The '97' is made with French knots.

John Ross':

Ignore the basting stitches on the right corner, please.  Those will come out soon.
The crown of thorns was done by couching another cording that I made.  The couching stitches are meant to look like red thorns.  I also dyed the lace yellow. 

I have been working on adding the borders.  More on that later.  I am trying to come up with a name for the quilt so I can enter it in a show.  I was thinking 'Inspirations' and then Roxann threw in 'Desperation.'  So...Inspiration and Desperation?  Inspired Desperation?  Desperately Inspired?  Blood, Sweat, and Tears?  I Can't Believe You Wasted 14 Months of Your Life?  Suggestions?

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