The Saga Continues

Hello from the insane asylum!  Just wanted to keep you updated on my non-progress on the crazy quilt.

This is what it looks like now:

This is my trusty seam ripper, almost down to the nub:

And this is me, with blood dripping seam ripper and all my hair standing on end with red eyes:
In other words, I'm having trouble getting the the stupid thing square with the borders on and the back straight.  I will be ripping again tonight.  I am determined to get the back on soon.  Yes, I know "soon" isn't exactly a deadline, but so many things (read "life") happens around my house that I have to take my moments to sew and rip where I can.  I have to take a picture of the monstrosity to enter in a February show.  The entry is due November 8th.  I don't think they will accept that top picture. 
Keep the quilt and me in your prayers! 

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