Bad Blogger!

I know, I haven't posted in two weeks.  It's not that I haven't been busy, just that I've been too busy to take pictures!  And at that, the ones I am posting today do not do justice to my hard work. 
My good friend Lisa regularly participates in a local annual show/fundraiser on Fat Tuesday.  This year she invited me to share her booth space, so I am rushing to get some simple projects finished.  I am planning on selling fat quarters, embellished throw pillows, and lace motifs made with my embroidery machine.  Not sure about anything else.  It's hard to squeeze a lot in with work and all of the activities my children are in. 

I bought these cute crocheted hearts at an estate sale.  I dyed two to go with some fabric that was handed down from my aunt and cousin.  These will be the two bright pillows that I'm making.  The other stuff is more muted.  I come from a long line of pack rats (hoarders sounds so ugly!) and am blessed that at least two of them occasionally decide they have too much stuff and pass it on to me.  The last several months have seen lots of of fabric, notions, and embellishments come my way.  Case in point, these fabrics and the awesome green flower pin on the blue pillow.  I actually got two of the pins.  One is staying with me.  I love the color.

Just a few of the embroidered pieces.  There are also locks and keys, birds, rabbits, hearts, etc. 
I will try to be more diligent in posting.  I know that I hate checking on a blog that hasn't been written on in forever.

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