Day of the Dead Crazy Blocks

Did I say I was going to post weekly?  I always jinx myself.  We are having major internet issues at home, so blogging just hasn't happened.
My cousin requested that I make four 12" crazy blocks using a Dia de los Muertos theme.  No time limit (this is a good thing) and she brought her big ol' tub of fabrics to use.  Well, the tub sat around in my studio for a few months and I finally got tired of trailing  around it, so last week I broke down and made the blocks.  I don't know when I will get around to embroidering them, but at least the tub is gone.  I do try to straighten up occasionally, but it's pretty much a lost cause because my husband also stores coolers, camping stuff, chairs, and other junk in there.  By store I mean the door is opened and things thrown in. 
So, here are the blocks:

The fabrics are a lot wilder than what I normally use, so I think I will do the seam work in basic white.  I may add a few colors here and there, but the white should be obvious.  The tonal patch in the middle of each block will be reserved for a sugar skull motif.  One lace, one embroidered, etc.  I found some really cute crocheted skulls on etsy that I am thinking about.  I can't crochet and do not have the time to learn.

Do not expect to see these finished any time soon, but I will post them as I am done.  


  1. oh very badass and awesome and in general fabalousness!!!! wonderful job!

  2. Thanks, I knew you would like them.