Fourth Block

The fourth block in the CQJP challenge is finished, kind of.  I think it still needs something, but since I'm not sure what quite yet, it will do for now.  Please ignore all of the blue lines and such.  They will come off later.  I've been under the weather (again) and didn't even think about removing the lines before I took the photographs. 

This is my husband's grandfather and aunt.  There is an adult picture of her on the finished crazy quilt.  I tatted the frame using a beautiful variegated green.  The silk ribbon I hand dyed.  I am especially proud of the gold and silver on the scissors and thimble.  They add a nice sparkle in person.  
This is one of those beautiful pieces of lace I got last month and couldn't cut into pieces.  It was kind of boring stuck in the middle of the block, so I picked out some of the motifs with silk ribbon and tatting.  I think it's simple, but still eye catching.  The seam treatment above is the buttonhole herringbone from Sharon Boggon's Pin Tangle.  I really enjoy visiting her site.
Last but not least are my hat and boots (an old Aunt Martha Transfer I had) and a little toy sailboat.  I am trying to include things that invoke "family" in each block.  So we have something religious, something for children, something for Dad, and something for Mama.  
The hat and boots were just outlines, but my son told me they needed to be filled in.  I will do the boots when I get another darker shade of brown in the mail.  I think I've mentioned that I live in the middle of no where.

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