Golden Anniversary

I tried really hard to get this block finished and posted by yesterday (April 19th) in honor of my parent's Fiftieth Anniversary, but with my business trip this week, I ended up a day late.  I guess I could use the argument that the 50th should be special all year, right? 
I'm afraid I rushed this block too much because it just doesn't feel finished. If you have any suggestions of what I could add or what it needs, please drop me a comment. I might think your idea is perfect, or it might set the wheels in my rusty brain in motion and make me think of something else.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!  They were married in Houston, Texas, where my mom was born and raised.  Dad was from Tuleta.  They met as students at Southwest Texas State in San Marcos.  Their wedding silver was smuggled from the dining room at the college by their friends.  We used that stuff every day.  Among other things, my parents taught me to enjoy sewing, reading, cooking, woodworking, and saving a buck.  School projects were never plain; they usually involved something eye-catching and well executed.  Not that I was great at execution, but Dad believes if you're going to do it and turn it in, it damn well better be done right.  My first school box was a painted cigar box (thanks, Mom) and my folders were decorated with drawings by my mom.   Spelling word sentences read as a story, with an added challenge of using at least two or three spelling words per sentence.  We had three channels to watch on tv.  Those were the days. 
So, even though my brother was the favorite and I had to walk to and from school uphill both ways, in the snow, etc, etc, I would like to say thank you, Mom and Dad!

The star and leaves are from the Texas state seal.  In the real seal, the branch on the left is from an oak tree and the right is the olive, for strength and peace respectively.  My embroidery isn't good enough to actually look like oak and olive, but you get the idea.  As a side note, some historians say that my 5th great-grandfather, General James Smith, was responsible for the use of the star seal.  Follow that link to read about his fancy buttons.  So this part of the block is for Texas, my family heritage, and my husband, who proudly wears the badge of a Texas peace officer with this emblem on it. That's a lot to pack into one spot!
This actual applique is from a set of stars from a dress my granny made me when I was a baby.  She gave me the rest of the stars when my oldest was born. 
The flower on the bottom left is for my oldest friend, Laura.  We've been buddies since kindergarten.  I am not telling how long ago that was.  Although we are many miles apart and lead very different lives, we remain very important to each other. 
The green heart I bought several years ago at the first International Quilt Festival (Houston) that I went to.  It was during my battenburg faze (I know, it should be phase.  I like faze better, but my father the perfectionist read this and made sure to point it out.)

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