Crazy in Love

This is block four, also finished quite a while ago.  Good looking couple in the center, eh?  That was certainly a few pounds and a lot of grey hairs ago!
Most of my fabrics I found from scrounging bargain bins, yard/estate sales, and a few are actually from treasured memories.  Then there are the ones from my friend Lisa's donation of those designer's fabric books.  The stripe above the wedding picture is an example of that.  There is some really cool material in those books, especially the silks.  Lisa also gave me an awesome book to haul around (as in, it's a handy size and has spiral binding) to reference stitches and ideas:  Crazy Quilting-The Complete Guide by J. Marsha Michler.  I have really good friends.  And not just because they give me things to play with, but because they give me encouragement and a sounding board.  Ok, enough being sappy.  Back to the block!
The fuzzy thistle (I think I like it even more than the peacock feather from block 3) is in honor of my Scottish heritage on the Sanders side.
Bet you can't guess what the needle and thread are for! 
I'm throwing in a close-up of the vintage lace collar.  It's a found piece, not a family heirloom.  I'm a sucker for old lace, though. 

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  1. man, lisa is an awesome friend! love your block!!!! it's so pretty!