A Thyme to Be Me

Welcome to the unveiling of block #6 in the crazy quilt saga.  No pictures, no initials, just "things."   I love the bright colors in this block.  That's really the only thing I don't like about antique crazy quilts.  They just tend to be too dark.  I wonder if our ancestors really used colors that were so heavy all of the time, or if the fabrics have just darkened with age. 
The silk ribbon flowers on the right are my representation of thyme, the national flower of Bohemia.  Yes, Bohemia really was a place and doesn't just mean someone who is a Hippie.  I am very proud of my Bohemian roots. 
These are my Bohemian great grandparents, Jacob and Otillie (Ziegelbauer) Cimrhanzel.  He was born in Bohemia and came to Texas in 1890 and she was born here to parents who were immigrants.  I just share that because I really love the picture.  They were married in 1910.

Please ignore the funny blue spots.  That's the wash-out ink that I have so much trouble washing out.  I made a tiny cross out of tag board for a template and then spaced out lines for the arrows.  The sets of threes are, of course, for the Holy Trinity.  I tea dyed all of the thread and silk ribbon for this.  I really like how it turned out, especially against my favorite shade of green.

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