I Must Be Crazy

This is crazy quilt block 3, which I finished months ago but got lazy and didn't post.  We won't go there. 
This one is for my son (see the initials?)  The first two were for my daughters (hence the A and E). 

I love the white silk ribbon laurel wreath.  I don't know if that's what it is, but it's what I'm calling it.  I can't tell you how long the satin stitch on the J and R took, or how many times I ripped it out.  Grrrrrrr!!  The grey plaid fabric that it is stitched on is from a vest he made last year for 4-H. 
Check out my peacock feather:

Most of the fancy fuzzy yarns couched on these blocks are compliments of Roxann, who is a bigger packrat than I am (that's a compliment!) 

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