Crazy with Jealousy

During a recent trip to Roxann's house the other day to treasure hunt for some lace that would melt, she ran across the rest of the crazy quilt blocks her grandmother made.  They are unfinished and probably never will be because of the integrity of the fabric.  One is a long rectangle (maybe one foot wide and two feet long) and the other is a large square about 2', like the one I showcased a while back. 
I assume that the basting stitches are to keep the seams flat before the embroidery is done because the the pieces are all sewn down really well without the basting.
One edge of the long skinny piece has some embellishment on it, but none of the large square has anything but basting.

The fabrics are interesting.  I hope you can see the detail in the black satin here.  It has woven fans.  I'm a sucker for fans.  The hot pink is a piece of ribbon with picots on both edges.  It is still as bright as it was a hundred years ago.
This is the back of the square piece.  Looks like something from Frankenstein's monster, huh?  While not as eye catching as the front, I think it is still awesome.  Thanks for sharing, Roxann!

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